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Wondering why you can’t make as many left turns in Midtown these days?
That’s an engineering feature to reduce crashes and help protect pedestrians. If you need to turn around to access Midtown businesses, the new roundabout at Virginia Street/Center Street/Mary Street can help!

The Virginia Street Project includes two new roundabouts, one in Midtown (mentioned above) and one at the University of Nevada, Reno near the West Stadium Parking Complex. Roundabouts provide for safer and more efficient travel for commuters and pedestrians. Studies indicate that roundabouts reduce vehicle collisions by 39% and the severity of injury-producing crashes by 76%. Roundabouts also improve traffic flow when replacing stop signs or traffic signals at intersections by as much as 75%.

When approaching a roundabout, slow down and lower your speed. Before entering, yield the right-of-way to circulating traffic in the roundabout and enter when it is safe to do so. Maintain the slower speed limit while driving in the roundabout and be prepared to stop for pedestrians and bicyclists. Once in the roundabout, drivers proceed to the appropriate exit, following the guidance provided by traffic signs and pavement markings.

Virginia Street Project Complete

Click on the image below to view a lookbook featuring information about the completed project.

Cover of Virginia Street lookbook featuring a roadway lined with fall colored trees

It’s Safety First in Midtown!

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