Virginia Street Project Weekly Update | March 26, 2020

Construction News

Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Street Construction Acceleration

Q.  What construction activities are accelerated?
A.  Crews are accelerating construction on the Center Street to Mt. Rose segment of the Virginia Street Project. Roadway removals, installation of new roadway base and paving will take place during this period. There will still be additional construction work that will take place in this segment after this closure, including striping, utility raising, landscaping and other enhancements.  These same construction operations will still need to occur on Virginia Street from Liberty Street to Center Street. The segment of the project from Liberty Street to Center Street is on schedule to be completed later this fall.

Q.  How are these operations accelerated if they were already planned?
A.  The section of Virginia Street between Center Street and Mt. Rose Street is closed entirely to vehicular traffic at this time, allowing the team to work on the entire width of the roadway at once instead of half at a time. The new sidewalks in this section are open to pedestrian traffic. These operations were originally scheduled for mid-April.

Q.  What is the time savings?
A.  Approximately a five to six-week reduction in construction schedule in the Center Street to Mt. Rose segment is anticipated.

Q. What happens after the accelerated improvements between Center Street and Mt.  Rose Street?
A.  Crews are currently working on roadway removals on the west side of Virginia Street. The roadway section of Virginia Street between Liberty Street and Center Street will be removed and paved. The team is still working on roundabout construction at Mary Street and Center Street; construction of new transit stations on Virginia Street; installation of new curb, gutter and sidewalk, landscaping; and roadway improvements near the University of Nevada, Reno.

Q.  Is there traffic control? 
A.  Virginia Street is closed to traffic from Mary Street and Center Street (roundabout construction) to Mt. Rose Street. Traffic is detoured to Holcomb Avenue. Traffic will continue to be one-way southbound on Virginia Street from Liberty Street to Center Street. After April 17, (if businesses are allowed to reopen) traffic between Mary Street/Center Street to Mt. Rose Street will be one-way, southbound only until construction is complete in this section.
Transit Detour: RTC’s Route 1 and RAPID Virginia Line will detour northbound on Holcomb Avenue and Center Street, and southbound on Liberty Street to California Avenue to Forest Street. Check route and schedule information at

Construction Look Ahead
All operations are weather permitting.


  • Crews are continuing roadway removals and preparing the new roadway base on Virginia Street from Center Street to Mt. Rose Street. Virginia Street is closed to through traffic.  Please use Holcomb Avenue.
  • Curb, gutter and sidewalk installation on the west side of Virginia Street from Center Street to Liberty Street continues. Traffic is one-way southbound only on Virginia Street from California Street to Mt. Rose Street.
  • Installation of infrastructure for RAPID transit stations.
  • Roundabout construction on the westside of the roundabout is in process on Virginia Street at Center Street and Mary Street; Center Street is closed at Virginia Street.

University of Nevada, Reno

  • Crews will begin installing traffic control and stormwater management devices the week of March 30 on Virginia Street between Interstate 80 and the University of Nevada, Reno West Stadium Parking Complex. Construction operations will begin the week of April 6. Two-way traffic on North  Virginia Street will be pushed to the west side of the street to begin work on the east side of the new roundabout.
  • Demolition of the buildings located on the east side of Virginia Street between 8th Street and 9th Street is in process. Construction work associated with building demolition will generally take place Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., although could go as late as 7 p.m. on some days, and could include some Saturday work. The demolition in this area will make way for roadway widening, a transit station, a bus lane, a shared bike lane, and wider sidewalks.
  • Visit the University of Nevada, Reno section of our website for University of Nevada, Reno-specific construction information. Sign up to receive the University Stakeholder update, too!

Roadway removals on Virginia Street from Center Street to Mt. Rose Street.

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