Midtown District Project

Thank you in advance for your patience and partnership as we work together to Transform Virginia Street!


What are the traffic and business impacts?

The project team developed an accelerated construction schedule for the utility relocation, doing 12 months of work in six months, with additional manpower -up to six construction crews will be working at the same time. This results in an intense traffic control effort.  There will be one lane of one-way southbound traffic from Liberty Street to Plumb Lane. There will be no northbound travel from Plumb Lane onto Virginia Street from Wells Avenue, north to Liberty Street. Detours will be in place and business access signage will be installed.

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Driveway closures of one hour or more are possible during construction activities. Businesses will be notified at minimum a 24-hour notice of driveway closures. We will maintain one entry/exit unless you receive other notification.  We will provide business signage, pedestrian walk routes and communicate where parking for businesses and their customers will be located. We have a dedicated project team that will work with businesses to provide accurate information in advance of construction operations at their locations.


What happens after utility relocation is complete?

Once utilities are upgraded, the various utility companies will relocate overhead utilities underground and will remove most of the poles that are currently located within the sidewalk limits.  This will take place late 2018 through early 2019. The team will then begin improvements on the roadway and transit portion of the project. This is when the actual transformation begins and will start to take shape! Depending on operations and weather, this construction is anticipated to begin in spring/summer of 2019.


What about parking?

There is temporary designated on-street parking and Midtown specific parking at the Ponderosa Hotel in the lower lot and at Shopper’s Square. Please click here to see parking maps.

Will construction be ongoing during special events?

Special events are vital to our community. We are working with special event organizers to let them know Midtown is open for business and accessible. Construction operations may not be active during special events, but traffic control will be in place for safety purposes.  The project team will ensure the construction area is safe, clean and businesses are accessible during special events. We are also planning special events to support businesses!

Can I ride my bike?

Yes.  The project corridor will be an active construction zone, but bicyclists are permitted and should obey traffic controls and bike safely.

I am a resident in Midtown. What are the impacts to me?

Our residential neighbors may see increased traffic on side streets and potential driveway closures.  Construction operations will be ongoing throughout the day.  (Monday to Friday 6 am to 4 pm). The project team will keep residents informed of noise and access activities in advance. Night work may be necessary to decrease impacts to businesses and expedite construction work. Night work will occur Sunday through Thursday between 7 pm and 5 am, if needed.