Construction is in process

Dear Stakeholder:

Construction is in process! Thank you for your patience as we work together Transforming Virginia Street. The construction team placed traffic control and equipment on Tuesday and immediately began building the joint utility trench on Virginia St.  Major utilities (AT&T, Charter, NV Energy, Verizon, TMWA and storm drain) will be relocated underground in the trench.  The existing overhead utilities will then be removed making way for major improvements: landscaping and finishes, community seating, lighting, upgraded ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities and new and upgraded Bus Rapid Transit Stations.

Team Creates 85 More Parking Spaces in Midtown

In addition to the marked parking lot behind the Ponderosa Hotel with 36 spaces, there are 85 additional marked, angled parking spaces throughout the construction zone. Temporary parking spaces in the construction zone are on South Virginia Street between Thoma Street and Moran Street, between Vassar Street and Arroyo Street, and between Pueblo Street and Mt. Rose Street. Check signage for access from the southbound traffic lane. Temporary parking locations may change as construction progresses.